LaGrâce Magazine

We are two aspiring Christian females at the age of 22, with a mission in mind. Hidden as of yet, but don’t worry our project will be revealed at the appointed time.

Back to us. We are honest and down-to-earth people that loves to have fun. We try to live an adventurous and exciting life glorying to my our Lord Jesus Christ. Now on to the next part of us, we LOVE LOVE clothes, make up, hair, accessories and shoes. Do we need to say more? So why not get on board and follow our journey and see where the destination takes us.

And don’t forget… Embrace the Graceful You


5 thoughts on “LaGrâce Magazine

  1. i need help on starting a magazine!if you cant get hold of me easiely please call +26777136929 i just hope you wil get back @ me

    1. Hi Michelle,
      How exciting! What type of help are you asking for? Tips, advices, comments. It would be helpful if you were more specific on what type of help you need, which will indeed help me to further assist you.


  2. Hey again:)
    Sorry for the late reply. Yeah of coarse. Well,my first tip would probably be to think of what type of magazine you would want to start. What’s the niche? What differentiates your from the hundreds of other magazines out there? When that has been done! Then your must select your target market. Who would read your magazine? What do they do? What are thier interests? What do they spend their money on etc. trust me this might not seem important, but too be frank this is the most vital part. Your product must be targeted to your selected consumer or else how will you make a profit? Thirdly, making a magazine is not cheap at all. Create a fund or find investors, sponsors to help your fund the magazine. When all this is done. Then the sky is your limit! Start working on the content. Do you have a team or is this all solely just your doing? Maybe you have already brain stormed! What type of magazine or you doing? Fashion? Home? Cars?

    Hope this helps! If not please help me know hat part and I will try to re-explain!

    Fashion Editor
    Remember to Embrace the graceful you!

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