Racial comment

At work today I was struck by the question: why am I brown and why does my hair look like that? I was taken by the young girl’s question, worse of all, I really didn’t know how to reply her.
Perhaps it was the sudden shocked that made my go numb. Usually, I don’t struggle with “tough” questions or the curiosity of the “so called opposite race”. Most of the time I excuse their curiosity with “wanting to learn more”. The naked truth is this is 2015, I could careless, the age of the person in question. We live in a global world with all types of nationalities. We should be past this. We should have been taught this as toddlers. We don’t all look the same, neither do we all smell the same nor have the same characteristics, whether  it be complexion or hair type.

I don’t know how many of you are aware of my current state of hair. I wear my hair natural, with my God given coils and kinks. Many of my peers today wear weave, wigs and braid their hair. Note: nothing wrong with that, however just like there is nothing wrong with the artificial hair styles there is nothing wrong with opting it out completely. Be free to wear your hair just the way you want and disregard the opinion of others.
Simply, embrace the graceful you





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