Day off from work today… Not a everyday-thing i must say, so i was pretty happy NOT to hear the alarm clock this morning. Yet i have some things that needs to be done. I was working yesterday with Izzy, we had a lot of paper work to deal with. Im glad we are almost done with that part soon. And ohyeah, we had a photo shoot last saturday… I am not going to reveal too much at the moment, but here you have some sneak-peaks and don’t worry you won’t have to wait too long for the final result. 🙂

xo V

DSC03084  Prepp Prepp&PreppDSC03088Model from the agency Avenue Modeller sipping some coffe while reading the first issue of LaGrâce Magazine.DSC03091 More prepp…. Some eazy, breezy, beautiful COVERGIRLDSC03143  Izzy is pulling it off.DSC03106 …and she was directing the hairstylist and make up artist through the work. DSC03122I directed more behind the camera,  i was making sure the model was working it from head to toe.DSC03145… to be continued.



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