• Humble myself- I have become more humble throughout the years, but i believe that every human being should work on this as long as possible.
  • Shuting my mouth sometimes- i really need to learn when to say NOTHING at all in certain situations. This is one of my biggest challanges in life. Since i am an individual who always speaks what i feel, its hard not to say anything but i guess im better now. However, still need to work on it.
  •  I need to work on letting go of some things in my life. Meaning; stop thinking I NEED to work peoples’ problem out all the time. = less head ache.
  • Get rid of all bad habits, such as doing more than i need to do.
  •  Recieving compliments/gifts- I just realized a while ago.  I find it really “bothersome” to recieve gifts and compliments from others. Every now and then it happens I Laugh it away& I realize how dumb of me not showing a genuine “Thank you so much”(deep inside i mean it).
  •  Being vulnerable (Also one of my biggest challanges in life).
  •  I can be really hard on others, but I’m doing it because I care. I don’t know if I should change it or not. I found out that one of my previous co-workers hated me because I was too hard&”picked” on him, but in the end he came up to me and said that he understood why, he appreciated it& thanked me for that. He said It was worth it in the end. If there is anything you need to know about me? know this…. I’m all about TOUGH LOVE!
  •  Discipline myself in some areas in my life, such as reading books, teach myself new stuff

xoxo/ V

Milan 3


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