Hi babes… Pray that i have the strengt and time to start blogging as often I used to do before…It’s pretty tight nowdays, and im moving back to Sweden in two weeks. It’s bitter sweet actually, I will my co-workers at ZARA a lot<3 but life must go on. Right? However, i just scrolled through the timeline of my facebook i noticed the remarkable quote by Td Jakes(Oh lord, this man is really annointed); Whenever God does something you don’t understand, you have the tendency to back out… The truth is; life is about trying your “stand” power. So can you “stand” when you don’t understand? – Td Jakes

Can you relate to this quote? I personally trian my “stand” power every now and then. Life  hits you sometime and i believe it’s really the right time to see you actually stand firm in God. No matter what you have to throw, and many times you won’t understand right then… The other day  asked God WHY me?  WHY now? But i stand still&know he is God.

jul 108

2011 something… xo V


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