2014 ARE YOU READY?  I just had a quick talk to my dad some hours ago& I told him, a lot of things is about to happen in my life. I’m not really sure if he knew what I was talking about? To be honest, i have no idea myself… I just know i’m ready to roll with it. new challanges, new beginings, new downs, new ups, new people coming in to my life, new adventures in my life. A lot of new things will show up in my life. I know nothing, but I know have an awsome God that will help me through it all just like he has done 2013. There was NEVER EVER a day I had doubt in him. YES HE IS AN AWSOME GOD! Thank you Jesus for everything you have done for me, thanks for the things you did give me, and the things you did not give me, thanks for the people you let in my life&did the ones you did not let in my life, thanks for the battles you showed up on&thakns for the strenght&peacefull moments you gave me. Thanks for your endless love, grace, mercy and the patience you have for me. I am forever grateful that you continually open the eyes of my heart for me to see the lies the enmy tried to blind me with. All glory to you Lord.

I will finish this post by saying; Year 2014, my biggest task will have to be “Do the things you normaly would not do.” Some day I will tell you what i mean by this statement.

xo, V



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