Hey you guys!

“Mmmm mmm mmm… You really love me underneath it all”. Who sang that? I’m pretty sure it was Gwen Stefani… However, i’m going to sing  “I’m loving you underneath it all”. Meaning, i really love you underneath [the mask] which is hiding the true you. It’s so sad to see how many beautiful creations pretend to be something they are not(&NOT MEANT TO BE). Like I always use to tell the people i love&care about. Stop pretending to be something your are not, stop chasing something which is not yours BECAUSE it’s not yours it belongs to someone else. Trust me, simple as that. You have your own life, now live it. You should be grateful about Your life&excited about what’s going to happen next. I know that i make sound so smooth&easy, but the truth is that i have learnt( i took a break to write this. What have I really learnt?) that I am simply my own, I believe, I can create great things when I’m at my best(being myself). I am beautiful just the way I am& without exaggerating, several times a week i use to look myself in the mirror(Yepp completley naked) telling myself. “Good Lord, I AM BEAUTIFUL”.Not trying to boast or anything, but please do really TRY THIS AT HOME! &  as I believe it, no one or nothing can break me down. I think we all had this mask some time in our lives… If you still have it, throw it away, BURN IT. It’s just all a lie.


xo, V


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