00:23 , 4th November, 2013 i have come to a realization. I carry too much burden which does not ONLY belong to me.( I have the tendency to put someone else’s burden on my shoulders)  Why can’t i just relax and stop trying to “fix everything”. & I easily forgive people whether they have caused a major or minor burden in my life.  YES, I am a superwoman, i am fully aware of that, but i must remind myself many times. Surely, iam not a ROBOT. & i need rest from all the mess around me. I’m not trying to be God, but i believe I am an individual that always wants to be a lending hand(In other words, i know the difference).
When do I say stop? Which leads me to the question; How can i even stop helping others? I just feel like it’s my obligation. Once again… When do i stop? When? To be honest, i dont think i will ever stop helping, it has become a habit(i dont know anything else than helping). I recall (very clear) how I always  told my dad “stop helping out too much, at the end people will take you for granted”. His answer has always been til today “what do you want me to do? Just sit down and watch when i have the opportunity help”. I can now relate to my dad’s statement. I can’t just sit down and watch.

At first I didn’t want to talk with you about this because I didn’t want to seem two-faced but then God hmmm… He speaks to me in so many perfect ways. He LITTERALY reminded me;  I am not only human, iam also devine because he dwells in me. I actually read dailyword and found this paragraph. I knew God was speaking right to my heart since I had these kind of thoughts in my head for so long. Iam forever grateful for the work God is doing in me. I’m starting to understand more and more that the power  in me is bigger than myself. It’s not me doing all of these things it God’s work. Therefore, do not thank me, thank God& ALL the glory belongs to Him and not me.

“I know I am only hurting myself when I am unforgiving. Yet even if I want to forgive, I may find it difficult. If I am unsure whether I have the strength to move forward, I bring to mind a simple truth: I am not only human; I am also divine. I can call upon the spirit of God in me for help in releasing the burden of unforgiveness. The moment I turn to God, Divine Love begins its work supporting me on my journey to freedom and wholeness. As I forgive myself with compassion and understanding and release any feelings of guilt, I am able to extend the same to others. I set myself free and release others to God. I am healed by the power of love in me.”

And once again, i must say, the devil is a liar for trying to set me up. Did he really think he was going to stop God for releasing his work in me? LIAR LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE( LITTERALY)!!!

xo V

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