i have finally gained strenght to actually write something interesting(or more like; what i have been up to latley). I should not complain, but i do work a lot, it takes so much of my time. I hardly spend time with my little cassie. All i want to do when i get home is basically eat, watch a movie & finally sleep. Life is bussy in Oslo at the moment. However I just had the sweetest moment in life for a long time with Cassie&Maria, a Delicious dish after a tiring shift after work. YUMYUM! Izzy, you so wanted to be here. I promise 🙂 What else? Im sitting here listening to Mali Music’s new album. Powerful lyrics. It’s wonderful to see how you can serve God in 83928409348 different ways. Amen!

I thought it would be the prefect time to publish some pictures from POLAND, remember? I actually had a really good time there, very short visit though. We did not really have any time to SEE the city, because we spent most of the time on fixing our teeth. My friend Bree, studies denistry&she was( and Me&Elmz as well)were so excited to get everything fixed. Can’t believe she is a denist next summer. She can really do the job.  I fixed 1 cavity, but Bree says i might have more( according to the x-ray)but i will have another check up next time i’ll get there. I must admit, i was super duper bad with the camera. I did not catch many moments but don’t you worry, i’m going to hit Poalnd ANY TIME SOON 🙂

imagebild (20) bild (19) bild (23) bild (21) bild (17) bild (18)

bild (22)


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