A late night post(04:29 in the morning) loads of thoughts pumping around  in my head.

“Somtimes Christians think the outward stuff is the thing; as long as i quit getting drunk, i quit cursing people out& I quit having sex. I think  I’m cool with that… But the Lord showed me, I had envy, I had lust. I jealously, I had pride in my HEART. He says; It’s not what’s goes into a body that defiles you, but you are defiled what comes out your heart”

I just watched a youtube clip and a woman commented this in an interview… It’s easily done. Many Christians(not only Christians though)sometimes think it’s all about following the laws and then you become righteoues? But c’mon it’s much deeper than that, much bigger than that. As matter in fact, first comes faith(Bible says; faith without action is dead), then afterwards the laws will follow naturally. Believe me i have tried that. I’ve tried to quit with almost everything, but i came to realize that i acted like a hypocrite, i would miss the things of the world too much so i prayed to God that he would help me to draw me closer to him. And as I did the next thing i knew; what used to mean “a lot” to me suddenly became NOTHING to me.( can i have a big AMEN)! As all of these things disappeared in my life, i started to see that they were so many things inside of me that had to disappear as well. This is the hardest part with growing. I will never forget what Td jakes once said on his sermon;”if you don’t fix your heart you will never be promoted”- It doesn’t matter if you preach about God, if you never have sex, always read the bible, do the fastings/prayers or not listening to secular music etc.  If you don’t fix your heart. If you don’t humble your heart. Hmm. Everything will be in vain. It’s not about NOT-TO-DO list you’ll, God read hearts. That’s all i’ve got to say. Really!

sees 025 2011 something…

xo, V


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