Hello world,

I know for a fact that a lot of people tend to be harder on themselves, (guilty of that myself) yet I have come to realize that it’s okay to be proud of your accomplishments, victories, qualities and success without being proud or arrogant!
On the other hand, many forget that every person have their weaknesses and flaws. What’s the point, you might ask? Well, what am trying to say is that having flaws and weakness isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m grateful for my weakness, as it gives me a chance to improve and to grow. My greatest goal in life is to keep growing, in a constant pace. For what good does it profit a person to be anchored to one spot their whole life? How am I suppose to grow if I don’t have imperfections. See, my flaws and weaknesses don’t hold me down. I am no longer afraid of them. I have realized they are beautiful and because of that I’m free to keep growing!

Are you anchored or free by your flaws and weaknesses?


Izzy Bizzy
Photo borrowed from sauynaaa (Instagram)


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