so i wake up to a sweet sunday here in Oslo. I must add a SUNNY Oslo. why do i feel so peaceful today? Jesus you are so sweet to me. This day requires some bible verses. How about Proverbs? Yes, I have longed for your powerful and wise words, which i pray will dwell in me as I walk in your presence. Do not let the enemy hinder me for putting you first, instead use the bad happenings to BLESS me. Today i stand before you&would love to thank you for opening the eyes of my heart, and i hope, i PRAY in the mighty name of Jesus; someday i will learn how to really love the “unloveable”, forgive the “unforgiveable”, to do the “unthinkable” , feed your people, be more interested in others peoples’ lives than my own. There are so many things i believe i should do. Hmmm! All i know is that, God means what he says. So…”Love thy neighbor thing” he actually meant that.



xo V


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