Hi there bloggers!

Have you guys missed me? Really have missed my real talks on the blog? It has not been that much of it lately, I miss speaking what I feel here. That’s what I do, will always do. But to be honest with you, I have not had the energy to type anything here. I’ve been scrolling back and fourth from time to time, through the posts realizing that have really opening up in some areas. Still , I think it’s funny how you don’t really know me yet. Not even a bit. If you only knew what struggles, thoughts and other things I carry around. I think we all do. Everyone have secrets that God only knows about. Or do you agree with me or not?

I don’t really know what I wanted to say with this post?
Maybe… We should not be afraid to deal with them. Open up to God, confess it all to him. He already knows all about it. Stuff will get easier and the devil can’t hold that SHIT against you any longer. I promise you, you will win. All I’m saying is; make up with God, it rinses your heart.

I hope it didn’t sound too scary, but I think we all do have some secret battles…

Xoxo Vicki



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