I am not mad at you, but i am truly dissappionted with you, to be honest, i feel so sorry for you. Many times, many nights i’ve been praying for you, and been asking God – Now really, what is his plan?
Despite your way(oh, maybe i should be more exact, DISGRACEFUL way); believe it or not i do still have a little hope and faith in you, because i know that God is still working on you. So, not even tonight im not going to be mad at you. NO! Once again im just going to pray for you.
The funny part of it all, i will even love you back like i never loved you before. Aint that funny, i could litteraly do it all over again if my heart tells me to.
Yes, Some people may think i am a fool, but here is the thing… It is not me, but the SPIRIT that dwells within, and my biggest desire is; please do notice him, and maybe someday you can acknowledge him& and eventually you could stop backstabing me… No, iam not stupid. Remember i told you once; i dreamt of you?

Xoxo / vicki



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