1. I am obsessed with Ice.

2. I don’t like soda.

3. One of my many compulsions that i have; sometimes when i’m listening to music while studying, i MUST wait til a certain tone/beat in the song before i can continue… This is crazy, i know. It’s tiring when i have to wait 2.15. It’s always sometime around in “bridge” of the song.

4. I love to take a bath for hours I can litterarly sleep in the bathtub. My mom hates when i spend too many hours in there, she always switch off the light. She always wins haha

5. When im out eating dinner at restaurants, i always order Boiled water to drink with my food. They never get it… A few times, they have given me tea???

6. I’m just like an egg… Hard at the outside, but soft at the inside. I cry very easily. I never did that before?!

7. I’m good at memorizing numbers. But I hate math haha!

8. I am a workAHOLIC. I find it very hard to say NO to work. I have got to get better.

9. I could never live a day without Jesus in my life. I would totally be screwed.

10. I have learned that i cannot trust my friends, not even my dearest friend Izzy. I have seen too much this past year. It’s scary. Don’t get me wrong, IZZY MEANS A LOT TO ME&SHE KNOWS THAT! ❤ But at the end of the day, we are all human beings, we do make mistakes even though we love each other&care for each other. Everyday, I pray not to hurt my friends&loved ones.IMG_4161 / vicki


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