Hi everyone!

It’s your girl V! 🙂

I am sorry for very bad updating from my side. I work my butt off, and try to enjoy my days off as soon as I get the chance, but I have to be better with the blogging. If you only knew what kind of thoughts, feelings and experiences I have had these days?! Life never stop surprising me, nor do people.

I have come to realize that; I truly am a work-holic and it has affected my health in a bad way. I pray in Jesus’ name that he will protect me in every moment and step I take in everday life. I am glad to say; there is power in the name of Jesus. I have come to realize that the plans I’ve made for this summer might be ruined because God has bigger plans for me. I have come to realize that I met my dearest and most wonderful friend Izzy for a reason. I do not think that I met her just to have her as my best friend, but in order to accomplish a mission. Lately I’ve noticed how God uses us like a “ongoing puzzle”, we compliment each other in a mysterious way. I pray in Jesus’ name that our friendship is forever covered under your wings(No weapon formed against us shall prosper). I have come to realize that every year I am getting closer to God; because each day he dwells in me, more and more. I have come to realize that nothing in this world matters to me, because I’m leaving this place anyway. I don’t believe life is about fancy cars, trends, money and fame. If i ever wanted to be bloody rich, I would want it to be in my heart first. As matter fact, im already rich by having Jesus in my life. I just want to give God all the glory. I want to worship him in heaven, just as much as I try my very best everyday here on earth.

Please God have mercy on me, thanks for your endless love& for being the light of my life. MOST IMPORTANTLY thanks for working on my INNERBEAUTY.

Hmm… Never in my entire life have I felt this kind of peace&joy in my heart. My “troubles” do no longer worry me, or let me put it like this, as Td Jakes once said;” when trouble comes God is up to something” .

Iam so blessed the devil must be crying right now.

Stay beautiful people!


xoxo / vicki


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