Have a good look at this picture… I found this picture at the timeline when i flipped through the archive. What is your first thought, can you imagine what we had in our minds? Izzy and i were so excited and nervous to make our very first radio interview. I really needed to leave the room to say a prayer to loose all the nerves. We really had a blast, loads of laughter and nice company, but that was just in that very moment. As soon as we left the building, we had to go straight back to reality. It was the 11th of August, 14 days until the BIG kick-off party. I remember that very day before the interview. We had so many  questions to ask God. How do we go on from here? Where shall we get all the money from to throw the kick-off party in two weeks? Are we going to make the deadlines?  Are the people we are working with going to fail us again, can we count on them? How are we going to afford a DJ, where are we going to get the red carpet from? Once again how is the ART DIRECTOR doing, are we going have to start over again? Does this mean we are going to be up all night again? Shall we do this or shall we do that? X0000 amount of money is missing for the printer; PLEASE GUIDE US JESUS, BE OUR GPS, tell us how to do it. We prayed day in and day out. Prayer changes things, it really makes a move in someone’s life.

I do remember we did shout outs to Joanie, we don’t believe that any other person would do, as she took in favour because she believed in us. We thank God for her graceful heart. Also somewhere along the way, we just KNEW that everything was going to be alright because he had graced us over and over again, why would he fail us now? At the end? He is the Alpha and Omega, if he Starts something he will truly Finish it!

/ Vicki


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