I’m finally baptized !

Hello beauties,

I don’t remember when I asked Christ into my life the very first time. While, many remember such a highlight in their life, I’m humble and grateful that He is a part of my life. I will however, always keep Thursday 30th May in my memory for a life time, and I have a certification to remind me if that memory decides to ever slip away. What is that that has printed itself on my mental impression, which I value so much that I will never forget?

Baptism! Yes 😉

Finally after 23 years of my life filled with laughter, hardship, adventure and life lasting memories. One great and mighty experience has been left out all these years. I finally got baptized yesterday. Several hours have already past and I still have tears of joys falling down my chubby cheeks. The feeling is indescribable. Words alone are unworthy to depict the action or even explain the feeling I felt.

You see, humans spend a lifetime seeking peace, peace that cannot be bought with riches, fame or precious stones. I found it for free with Jesus, my Saviour, my Redeemer, my very Best Friend. Just like water quenches thirst, peace quenches all worries of life, if you will let Him in. The ultimate choice is yours. I made the choice. And I’m certain it was the second best decision I have ever made! Thank you Jesus !


Me, minutes before the service! Rushed as usual!

Stay Blessed!


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