Hello beauties,

i’ve just made lunch boxes for this week, so i’m ready to faal asleep any second. I even did my night-squats& my legs are shaking. I kinda like it. I hope you all had a beautiful monday?

I’ve got more pictures of my weekend. I actually celebrated a friend of my here in Oslo. We ate a tasty dinner at Delijah’s place. Mmm, perfect dish(Asian tapas). Afterwards we went to a club, i was not that hype to attend any night club this day, but i really enjoyed. Nice people and good music. Did i just say good music? I actually had a blast dancing to HOUSE MUSIC. Do you know how many years i’ve been disliked these kind of music… believe it or not, but i danced from the minute i stepped into the club til we left. 🙂

bild (11)bild (12)bild (13)bild (14)bild (15)
xoxo/ vicki


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