A friend of mine, sent me this text saying(third&fourth paragraph);

Can you give me some good advises on how to stay positive when you have the feeling of  your ideas are not working out that well… How do i keep going? How do you manage to stay positive and still be as excited about your magazine? Apart from God. I mean, it’s been pretty hard for you guys, regarding the layout and publishing of the magazine, and to collect sponsors…

Yes, pretty common questions i get like very often… But what  really struck me the most was the sentence “Apart from God”. Hmm, did i really read that? I have no words. To be honest when i first read that, i had to put the phone away for a while because i did not know what to reply and i was a bit annoyed by the comment.  I gave this person a reply but not really a  honest  answer, i just said something like – We would never have made it without God… Now let me be completely honest and tell you how i felt. I took offense by the utterance, it felt like this person underestimated(missed) the work God did/doing for us. You guys never really saw the job we did, you have only seen the result but never the “behind the scenes”. LaGrâce Magazine would never happen, would never occur, would never ever exists if it was not for God. No God, No LaGrâce Magazine. This experience is one of my biggest accomplishments in life, one of the most best feelings ever, and everything good comes from God right?!. So basically he had/has everything to do with LaGrâce, must i remind you that he is the creator of it all. We must not forget this. Can you see where we get our motivation from?


xoxo / vicki



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