Is that really what a teacher shall tell their students? “YOU ARE WASTING MY TIME”. Even though a student was a trouble maker you should NEVER EVER express such a stupid phrase to a student. I am so mad right now. What happened to the teachers of today?   What this student is telling his teacher is correct. I understand his frustration. its true, we are the future of this nation, they should spend more time than just “teaching”. There have to be excitement in the classroom and touch somebody’s heart. I hate classes without passion. As a teacher is your responsibility to take the job serious. And it is not always about teaching, its also about caring about your student, to make them feel good and confident in class.

I will never in my whole life forget the teacher i had in primary school. I remember this day as if was yesterday. It was lunch break. I always had this dispute with a boy in the class, no one would ever go against him because he was the “toughest” of them all. He always had something against me, always wanted to compete with me& trying to come in my way. The truth is, i was not afraid of him, i was just very used to his crap, trying to control everybody. But this very day, from nowhere, he turned my classmates against me. They would beat me up, and call me NIGGER. Everyone was gathered around just to see us fight?(Just like a movie). My sister, who was one grade above me literally came to rescue me, and finally all the teachers gathered around to stop the fight. I remember i was crying on the way in to the classroom thinking what is going to happen next? My teacher looked me straight into my eyes and said ” It’s your own fault Victoria”, and not even asked me what had happened on the school yard. How can you make an eight year old girl feel so little? In her eyes i was nothing, as if I was unimportant. She just wanted her paycheck. That’s all. I do not have any good memories of her being my teacher(for almost three years). And for those people who wonder why i would always” flipped the tables” as soon as somebody called me NIGGER??? I thin you have the answer  now, this is the reason behind it all. I always had these flashbacks, but today naaah; i couldn’t care less…

xoxo/ vicki


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