About in a month, the girl on the right will arrive on Swedish ground. We are all happy(Family and friends) 🙂 I miss izzy like crazy. i know we are going to have a blast working together this summer. This time around there will be more knowledge&structure. We will comeback ten times harder, we passed the extremely hard homework last year, but I know that this task we are entering now, demands a thousand times more work. It’s for real now, we are going to be a real company and we must know the true picture of it. There is no bed of roses.  At the end of the day, i am super proud of us, we never gave up. The fact is, this is just the beginning, in other words, just a little glimpse of LaGrâce’s history. We also want to show all of you guys, that anything is possible.

However, we went through the first issue again(been doing that a lot) the other day and we were pretty critical towards the job we did. Fine it looks good for the first issue, but Boy oh Boy, we have a lot to improve. (it gives us a burning  motivation).  We have the best and most the creative ideas for LaGrâce Magazine& when the time is right, all these great stuff will happen. I think I will literally swoon over and over again. I have realized that I’m having a hard time taking in things that happens in my life. I get too emotional. I just want to utter this Tuesday, God will lead us through the right path, we do not need to stress this. Whatever happen,s God’s way is perfect.

/ vicki


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