Hey guys,

How are you? Am exhausted and tired. I had a long day yesterday. Yestetday started with errands followed by a competition and then finally rushing to my friend’s graduation. Although, my roommate, and I came fashionable late, the ceremony lasted well over four hours. Imagining being one of the anticipated graduates waiting to walk, they have to wait patiently for those hours to sweep by for that walk of ‘fame’. To be honest, what is four hours, when one has worked and pulled all nighters for the past four stretched years?

This is from me to you Marceria Pemperton: when I saw you skipping slash running to your beloved mother with those black wedges and that so well deserved robe. Mintues before that embrassed and loving hug filled with tears of joy that reflects the struggle, success and hard work over the years. I saw a beautiful, young lady that has made a huge impact in my life, with your words of wisdom. The support you showed during my awful surgery period. During my frustation, your distinctive, yet contagious laughter always seem to make me laugh. All our long interesting talks and yes (I know) my strange opinions that I would defend with my life. Lol.

That hug. The hug I witnessed that final hour. Brought tears to my eyes and I was forced to move. I’ll be happy to tell you why. No longer do I want to quit and leave. I want to sit those hours to enjoy my walk of fame and my name to be announced for the civic center to hear. Hopeful the announcer will not brutally demolish the pronounation of my name. To finally hug my mum just like you. To know that despite the odds I still came through, I still made it, I overcame. For you guys out there that dont think graduating from college is hard. Then please you move to a foreign country, without your support system, without your dearest friends or your boyfriend. Yes, skype and viber are all there and Thank God for that! But, for those who skype daily, I think I speak for them. Just wanting to be able to be there, to hug your love ones or kiss you boyfriend goodnight and you just cant. Not being able to see/ be in one’s haven takes a huge toll on a person. Am I wrong PemPem?

Let me briefly brush my thoughts: Im so proud of you. You worked hard. It will pay off, hold on there superstar. And finally, I know there is a light in everyone. And my has been dimmed for a while. Thanks for shinning. Your presence automically reminded me to shine! !!




Marceria herself!


Anne 😉
My room mate !



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