Hello people!

how are you today? I’m tired like a …hippo?and hungry like a shark. what a combo. I’m glad im off today.It’s Valborg here in Scandinavia. don’t even remember why we are celebrating, need to google that someday.

anyways, yesterday before i went to work my friend Delijah got a fashion invitation for a event from someone she knows(lately she have been in contact with great designers here in Oslo. She actually did her very first runway last week for Norwegian Couture.Huge!). She wanted to bring me, because she knows i’m into the fashion world. I’m so glad and grateful she picked me. Anyways got home from work, had 1 hour to fix myself. one of a heck stressed Victoria.Trust me i use to be the fasted of them all but this day i could not decide anything. Too sad a lot of my clothing are still in Sweden!
However, we had so much fun chatting with a lot of people, i got really good advice for me and Izzy. most def want to more of this. When you want something it’s great to be around the people who wants to be successful as well, at least people that can help you on the way. APPRECIATE THEM. You share the same mindset.

Did not turn out to be so many pictures, but i did take some when i had the time.


On the way to the event, which was held on Aker Brygge here in Oslo.

image_1367372454108402 Welcome drink… and no, i did not drink it, i just don’t like walk empty handed at events haha. My boyfriend got really surprised when he saw this Champagne???… in my hand. haha 🙂


Me & my beautiful friend, also the most social roomie. Can’t keep her mouth shut for a while. haha

image_1367372389936317 Red carpet!

image_1367372420495771  Still not drinking, just ice as usual. Now you all know, i love sucking on ice, it’s like sweets to me.

image_1367372479462303 The best thing about this event was that i managed to meet a lot of great people who had been in the industry for more than 20-30 years. Told them all about LaGrâce Magazine. It’s pretty awsome to see their astonishment to our hard work. The repeated question always comes up; have  you really done it all by yourself?(Then comes that feeling;okay, Izzy and I did a very fantastic job) . In other words, i did get their contacts and they have invited me to more events coming up this entire summer. I’m so super excited about that, and eventually i will be sitting on OSLO FASHION WEEK this fall if everything goes as planned, otherwise i would sneak in. Trust me 😉

xoxo, vicki


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