having a cosy sunday? 🙂 Been sitting here on my computer the whole day, but in a couples of mintues im off tp the gym with my beloved sister.  Before i leave I need to force  guys to look at this video-clip. It’s the well known designer Aexander Wang’s outstanding SPRING/SUMMER collection. He blew me away. I have always  thought his designs are pretty cool and peculiar, but Izzy loves them more. I’m still waiting for her first purchase 🙂

My eyes were wide open when i saw this collection, i could see myself wear every piece, as if  the whole collection was design for me. I personally love the lines,  “cuts” and the “sporting” elements going on, and black&white mixed together could never go wrong. What about the shoes? Haha. LOVELY! Good job WANG!

Alexander-Wang-SS2013-Faves Picture borrowed from

xoxo, vicki


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