Yepp! All Marilyn Monroe fans can toast to that 🙂

I read an article in VOUGUE that the collection is going to be launched this september.” The shoes will retail from $39 to $79 (£26 to £52), and span a variety of different styles – including flats, heels and boots”. The designs have not been revealed yet, however its been said that the collection is going to be inspired Marilyn Monroe herself. So you can just guess it’s going to be very flirty, funny, sophisticated, SEXY? 🙂 As for me, i have always rocked her confident&not being afraid/ashamed of her beautiful curves.

“Marilyn is fun and flirty, but she’s also glamorous and sophisticated. It’s a little bit of both and it will touch on everything,” Nick Woodhouse, CEO of Authentic Brands Group, told WWD. “Footwear was an obvious extension [of the Marilyn Monroe label]. It’s a great complement to an already strong, $400 million (£262 million) business at retail.”

“The stockists have not yet been confirmed, but the Marilyn Monroe apparel is currently available to buy at US department store Macy’s and online”




xoxo, vicki



  1. I absolutely LOVE the Marilyn line at Macy’s. I’m a huge fan of Miss Monroe anyway. but they’ve really nailed down her style and launched some fantastic pieces that I could seriously see myself wear EVERY DAY. I really have my eye on their cherry dress, especially. 🙂

  2. Hi Megan
    wow, if you are a huge fan of her i bet you are super duper happy to be able to wear a collection inspired by Miss Monroe. I actuallt checked it out at Macy’s just now. Looks very flirty. Are you going to order somethong online? Just curious to know 🙂
    Have a nice day my dear!

    xoxox, vicki

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