Hello everyone?

What are you people doing this Friday night? out clubbin’? chilling out with your girlfriends or what? Or have you just been a lazy and slooooow snail like me? I have literary been at bed whole day to watch different tv-shows(love the apprentice). Need i tell you i had day off at work today?:)

FINALLY… Let’s get straight away to the question of the day? I’ve been wanting you to ask you for a long time. WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST STRUGGLE? I know you have one and if you know or when you find out, don’t run from it. Overcome, master it. I have seen a lot of  people run, even myself running but ended up nowhere. A place that i did not like and all I gained back was even more loads. What iam trying to say is that; struggles will occur in life but there is always a way to drag yourself out of them. Just stand firm, thats what I do.

xoxo, vicki

Let the innerbeauty shine forth 2

Photo from the#1 ISSUE of LaGrâce Magazine


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