I love to play around with Izzy when i have time. I always send her photos with my lunch, dinner, cakes and a lot of yummie stuff that she loves. Oh by the way, make sure to cook a lot of food. I repeat myself. A LOT OF FOOD if you would like to invite her for dinner.

Anyways sent her this image, and i know she has millions of questions in her head like; “what the little things, is it bananas on the plate, did she fried the salmon, is it strong or a sweet taste?… Hmm, im going to call vicki later. It looks good though”

How can this food-lover be so picky? But througout the years i’ve thought her a lot of things about food. She hated beans, now she loves it, always putting black pepper on her food, just started taste lebanese food which i have been nagging about for years and she likes it. Haha!
Love you Izzybizzy :)<3

Anyways gotta bounce, work os calling. / vicki


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