im sorry for very late posts… don’t know how many times more im going to tell you this;  iam TIRED! i’m like a soldier(don’t know how i manage to go on everyday). Today i’ve been working, i have also forwarded a lot of emails to companies that we are interested to collaborate with. Wish us luck 🙂 Due to my job. i have no time running around in stores or anything like that& I want to by myself a new camera, been looking through different online-stores but to be honest i don’t know which one to pick? have no clue what anything means? I just want my camera to take good pictures… I guess i’ll have to ask my boyfriend about this one. Or do any of you have any clue? What camera are you using? Any good advice? Nikon or Canon?  Once i have bought the camera, i’m going to share a lot of daily-outfits 🙂

whatever,  I will take my last sip of my lemon water, and listen to Melissa Horn one last time before i go to sleep. Goood night dear readers. stay beautiful 🙂



xoxo vicki





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