I am back on track here on the blog, but i have so much to do here in Oslo. As been said Before, i work my butt off + im dealing with LaGrâce paper-work as well. I am going to something real crazy this week. I’m litteraly going to run into someone’s office(UNINVITED) trying to convince the company to collaborate with us(Can’t tell you guys anything about it). Can not reveal too much, but this company is well-known all over the World, so I do understand that they value their time, but why do they always have to be so elusive? Seriously, i wonder how many business proposal they miss out every day? Well, i thank God that Izzy&I don’t ever give up. I’m going to show up at the office til the day they get tired of me, and finally let me in to present our vision&goals. That’s all i’m asking at the moment.  I bet they will be surprise to have me over& im super nervous right now. Izzy, you should be real glad that you are in the states right now. hehe :p



Last summer in Stockholm, a full time working day.  (Photographer/José David Hildebrand)


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