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For a very long period of my life I’ve been judge by people, which I honestly think is kind of boring, but at the end of the day, I know who iam& what I really stand for.

People are always going to talk about you no matter what. Rumors about me are being told which are absolutely not true, even those people that have not even said “HI” to me have a negative perception about me. The only thing which is true, is that iam a very honest/straight-forward individual who isn’t afraid to speak my mind. But i can also come across as someone with an attitude( that i would not deny), but i would never ever have an attitude against someone i don’t know, especially NOT without any reason. who am i to act like that? WHO? Iam not a troublemaker, i dont like fighting with people, its not my hobby, never been& never will. Why would anyone think that of me? The day i ever opened/open my mouth is the day someone is having a problem with me or disrespects me…

The rumors all started 10 years ago when I had a dispute with a close friend( at that time). This little “accident” turned out to be bigger than it was. I literally woke up the next morning and thought that everything was okay, but then I heard the most disgusting rumors ever, which could never be associated with who I actually am. I had and still have to live with these rumors. I think its funny how this people that did spread these false rumors are actually my friends now(sme are even good friends). God really work in mysterious ways. People have underestimated me, and never realized how much I have done for them&will in the future…

The truth is, one too many have underestimated my friendship and takes me for granted. The truth is that I am an individual with a very strong and big personality. Yes, honestly,  I love to laugh/joke around, debate and my voice is always heard& very often seen. The people that do not know me, don’t have clue about; Iam a very caring, reasonable, smart, loving, loyal, and sympathetic who always wants the best for my surroundings.

How come my friends always say… “OMG! You are not the person I thought you were”??? Yeah, rumors may speak but my character speaks louder. I guess you judged the book by its cover. Iam not worried about the rumors no more. My character have already been spoken.

Xoxo Vicki.


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