yet another day to embrace, another day full of chances to make it right… i usually spend my Sundays at church, but i want to find a church that I “enjoy” attending. Maybe that sounded weird? As for me, I think it’s very crucial to be “touched” and feel a move inside of me when I leave the sermon. Some pastors/preachers need to talk about life aspects that people can actually relate to. When i was here(Oslo) last summer, i attened a church. All the things the priest preached was actually true words but there was something missing, I had heard it all before. Preach MORE about the reality. We live in a world filled with jealousy, betrayl, family issues, economical issues, addicts,  drugs, prostitutes, gamblers, hate, idolatry, pride, forgiveness, humbleness,  an awful music industry, I could litterly go on forever. Like, what can God do about all of this? Let people know what is he capable of, that he is able to help these people no matter what situation. I just looked through the words I just wrote, the word that stroke me the most was forgiveness. Yes! This topis is often brought up but how come people having trouble to forgive others? How do they expect to be forgiven if they cant forgive others? Just like Izzy twittred the other day,” forgiveness liberates your soul”. It is true. I am a living testimony.

haha. ok i was going to ask if anyone had a good advice for me, any church with good sermons?

via 011

xoxo vicki


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