Let's play with accessoaries 4

Picture from the first issue of LaGrâce Magazine.

Photographer/Magnus Egger/Model/Hanan Selim/MUA/Jaqueline Chambel/Stylists/Izehi Ileso&Victoria Bogere

Here in sweden have we come a long way if you compare the society of today, to the 19th century. Izzy and i would never have the chance to share these blogposts with you guys, most crazy thought is that we would not even be able to work with LaGrâce Magazine. A woman’s voice was never relevant. It’s a shame we are being seen but not heard. How is it possible for the woman to get a lower salary if she has the exact same job as the man? Please just give one good reason why? I do not believe there is a good reason.

Also found this statement today…

“International Women’s Day is a day of celebration and a day of challenge, often rolled into one. In realising how far we have come towards ensuring genuine equality of opportunity for women as for men, it becomes clear how far we still have to go. For every iconic female leader, such as President Johnson-Sirleaf in Liberia, there are a thousand female voices in Africa which are unheard.” – Donald Kaberuka

xoxo, vicki


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