Whenever i meet friends, relatives and other people on the street bus, town, or whatever i always get tons of questions about LaGrâce Magazine, and many times they are very similiar to each other. My dear cousin study Fashion&Design at the university in London. She is making a project where she makes short interviews with different influental people in the fashion world. The interview contained these questions. Very common to what i’ve been asked before, and i’m sure many people out there would like to know, so i though, why not post the interview here.

Hey victoria it been a while what have you been up to since we last spoke and is how things going with you and Izzy at to moment?

Hi!, Thanks for asking, we are all good. Bussy at the moment, but despite the “silence” from our side, i can reveal that it is actually going good. We have managed to get in contact with very important people in this industry, which has given us the opportunity to broaden our brand/company. It’s fun to finally see that we are taken seriously. Some people might think that we have given up but that is not the case. Izzy and I have decided to be very private about the work.That is how we have always worked. We will update everyone when the time is right, but there is another edition coming out. I must point; It takes time to negotiate, our proposals must go through a long process. Most of the people do not understand this process.

What made you start a magazine?

To make the story short… Everything started through a skype call. We both had something on our hearts. We wanted to create  so much more than just a fashion magazine, something deeper. A magazine that focuses on innerbeauty and life aspects. We are not perfect ourselves but we really want the people to bring out the best of themselves. Very spiritual in other words.

How was the journey emotionally ?

As for me, it has been very emotional(i am sure i speak for Izzy as well). Sometimes i even asked myself what have we  get ourselves into? Is this too big for Izzy and I? But then God drag me away from those stupid thoughts/questions. I knew deep inside that this wasn’t impossible, but it sure wasn’t going to be an easy way. I have cried through this journey, I have laughed and I have been blessed so much that I didn’t knew how to embrace it. I am touched every time I look back to this experience, words cannot even articulate. It’s mixed feelings to be honest.

What was your best moment?

We have had many good moments. I don’t really know which one is the best. But I must say, the day we collected the magazines from the printer for the first time really made me speechless. I even had trouble breathing. I cannot describe the feeling. I knew we had a lot ahead of us, but that was just a big WOW moment for both of us. EXTRAORDINARY!

What advice would you give others ?

You have got to believe in your dream. Do your best, never give up. I also believe its good to be sorrounded by people that have the same drive. Stay true to yourself in all you do, be humble and make sure to challange yourself, take advantage of every opportunity. The day you are out of chances is when you stop taking them. I have learned that my way of being straight forward, and really show these important people that I am a serious business woman who is very porpuseful, determined and ambitious has taken me far.  If you can’t show them that you are for real, how could you ever convince them?
Last but not least; do not expose your ideas, you never know who is for you or who is against you. Throughout the the time I have realized that people are talking behind the back. Who has time for that?
 And finally whats next ?

I know that we can do anything we put our mind to. Everything is possible through Jesus who strengthens us. I wish I could tell you what’s going to happen next but you will have to be patience with us. However, it’s going to be awesome.


A picture from the kick off party, DJ Sali is holding the very first issue of LaGrâce magazine. 🙂

xoxo, vicki


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