The Pore Police

Hello there 😉

For those who have know me, surely know that I have suffered from mid to severe acne. For years I felt like acne ruined my life. How was it possible for such a small zit, to actually cause so much physical and physiological agony. Sounds too harsh? Or do you feel I’m over exaggerating? Well, only people that have been subject to the same common skin disease as I, will ever comprehend. Aside from the physical attributes – cysts, boils, scarring- left behind from acne vulgaris, It’s main goal: reduced self esteem seem to be in effect. Although, I couldn’t truly admit to it then, I fear my closest friends never sensed it either. Nonetheless, acne had seriously affected my life in multiple ways. How was it that I managed to hide my hurt and pain from the rest of my surroundings. Easy! Let me tell you how: I smiled, as weird as that might sound. It eventually became my secret weapon. I smiled so often, I thought I had succeeded. See, I had used laughter to cover up my pimples. How? I had simply decided to distract people’s eye with my huge smile rather than the zits on my face. No one never really understood, why i would cheeze infront of the camera. It worked… For a while… Until the zits started multiplying in size and numbers… Until there was no escape. The questions I had dreaded all my teenage life had final arrived. One by one. From all corners. “What have you done? What products are you using? How is your diet? Do you wash your face properly? Have you seen a doctor? The worst of it all: you used to be so pretty, please take care of your face!” theses comments and question were all uttered from relatives, family friends, acquaintances and even teachers. At times I wouldn’t respond, in some instances I would try to fake a smile. But, in all reality I was trying to block the hurt these simple comments and questions had brought upon self esteem. I wanted to reply, try to answer their questions, yet a the time my words ceased. They ceased out of respect! All I truly wanted to say was: Did you really think that i asked for this? In your right mind, do you think any teen would ever ask for this? No, then why ask “what have you done to your face?” As if it was the choice of an individual to put such a disease on themselves.
I had heard enough. The only thing remaining was to fight this disease. I spend every dime on skin products, everything from Nivea to Md Formulations. Not even pro active helped. I had lost hope in the cosmetic world and finally scheduled a doctor’s appointed. Prescriptions after prescriptions. Benzoyl peroxide to antibiotics. Nothing seemed to work.

Ending of summer 2012, I revisited the doctor and he told me my best option would be to try a new set of antibiotics and Epiduo. After a lot of thought, I had nothing more to lose except the cut up trees with value called money. I gave in! I gave it a last shot! To my surprise, it first became worse, that even my dearest friend: vicksan Bogere finally told me: I have never seen your skin this bad! What’s going on? I bridled my tongue and was steadfast. And before I knew it; a change had come!






A change had finally come.

Ance free!

Izzy Bizzy


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