Birthday girl

Hey guys!
Long time no write… here on the blog( I know doesn’t really make sense, just trying to be humorous). How is the start of your weekend? If you guys haven’t noticed vicky and I rotate the blog, since we both are so very busy. On Wednesday my good friend Blaire turned 24! Such a cool and beautiful person inside and out. A group of us went to hotel Duval also called Level 8. I had a blast, nice to dress up and go out to enjoy oneself. Not too much dancing for me as I rolled my ankle last week. Just mainly mingling 😉 My type of thing!

Remembered that I had a peek a boo cutout dress from aquabyaqua in hot pink suede bought two years ago. Sound odd?! Well, you name it I wore it!

Me and beautiful Blaire !!

Yea camera shy!






And for all of you out there,that don’t know I have muscles. Check the mirror 😉 arm candy 😉 lol

Catch you later, I’m off to hear my girl Jande perform!


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