My beloved friend, have I told you that you simply rock& thinking of you makes me laugh really hard. you are so special. one of a kind. I am so glad that I ever met you. It’s so freaking funny because when I first met you,  you were so annoying, I couldnt stand your very large smile and you did stalk me  haha 🙂 ❤
Very rare to bump Into a person that has many questions but don’t give time to answer them( as soon as I wanted to answer her, next question comes up) we were only 11 years old back then. Never did I thought that you, Izehi Grace Ileso would be my best friend?!  I’m sitting here now thinking; what does izzy think ,while reading this. Correct me if I’m wrong… I mean please dont! You won’t admit it.  But you are now thinking ” oh my goodness she is exaggerating, what a drama queen”.
Anyways  just want to tell you I love you so much. You taught me a lo,  and I want to say; I do really appreciate your presence and all the talk we have. Thank you for simply being there for me, all the comfort you giving me latley, for being completely honest &even when I’ve done or being wrong. I realize everyday how fortunate iam to have a good friend like you. I protect you like my sister, without exaggerating I would do anything for you& I wish all the best in life.  I know I laughed at you and said I’m glad I’m not dating you. But honestly, who would not love to marry driven,ambitious, independent, caring, reasonable, loving, inspiring and a strong woman like you? Whoever is going to marry you will be a lucky man 🙂
Xoxo, Vicki



3 thoughts on “A LETTER TO IZZY

  1. Oh my goodness Vicky! Speechless, don’t know how to respond to this, than thanks and I love you tremendously.

    P.s. I never did stock you 😉 you told me where you lived !

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