feels like i have not beeen typing here for a while. life is bussy at the moment. just found out that I have to leave my dear Sweden next week already. My plan now is; i’m trying to do as much work here with the magazine as possible. Have this big meeting in 3 weeks. Gotta do all the preparation,& even try booking other meetings as well. yes life really is bussy now, but i’m in love. Anyways off to Oslo next week. Oh! I love this city, i always get the chance to embrace konwledge and exerice my talents. it makes me feel good about myself. I have decided to take advantage of every opportunity, challange myself so that my ability will grow stronger. When i leave, i know i’m going somewhere called success.


xoxo, vicki



    1. Hi!
      Yes´, iam from UG, kampala, how about you? I have not been in London since 2009, but i might go there this summer for some business and some shopping of course hehe = )
      Oh thank you, We’ve launched our first issue in Aug 2012, now onto the next. Follow our journey its going to be so fun 😉

      xoxo, vicki

    1. Hi Sofia!
      Hope you are having a great day so far. The magazines is called, LaGrâce Magazine. The first is sold out( launced it last year). (We are working on a onlinemag and webpage as well). Cant tell you the date when the next edition is out. Follow our journey and you Will know more about it. In the mean time check out our instagram/ fb @lagracemagazine.

      Stay beautiful xoxo, vicki

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