Have you experience that you have been neglected or mistreated while you are out shopping, especially in exclusive stores? This has happend to me several times. How is this possible? What the faax, do they even know what kind of many i have? It’s freaking unbelievble, the salesperson cannot even say a simple phrase like “Hello” or “Don’t hesitate to ask if you need any help”. The worst thing that ever happend to me is when a salesperson didn’t want me to try on some Prime Boots. I litteraly had to ask her at least five times before she would hand the shoes to me. All she asked me more then ten times; are you sure that you going to buy the shoes? I don’t ever think a salesperson have mad me that bad, so I called izzy as soon as I got out of the store. Yeees, she mas as a GORILLA! 30 minutes later we went into to the store and bought 2 pairs. If we did shock this salesperson? yuppyupp! The funny thing is that she wanted to give us the best service since she understood we had the money. How typical. I just hate that store now. I will never ever consume a penny at this sore, they have not even earned my air. You probably want to know what store?  Raglady at Arkaden(In Gothenburg) it is!

xoxo, vicki


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