Izzy twittred “attitude is everything” the other day. Now, how do intepret this? I think  it depnds on what kind of attitude you are talking about. There are to different attitudes, positive and negative.(That i know:p).  When i was in my younger years i sufferd of negative attitude. attitude-problem. As soon as someone tried to come in my way or detroy me, I crashed them with my attitude. I thought it was all good, but i have come to learn that it wasn’t. I Thank God for that everyday.

All i can say today is that i have a positive attitude towards my future. i love life at the moment, even though it can be challenging from time to time.

Let the innerbeauty shine forth 3

Photographer Magnus Egger -Model: Alexandra Lima-MUA/ Hairstylist: Jaqueline Chammbel-Stylists. Izehi Ileso and Victoria Bogere

You can find this beautiful shoot in the first issue of LaGrâce Magazine. Now this is what I call brining attitude into a photoshoot!



xoxo, vicki


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