WE ALL ARE WORSHIPERS & A BELIEVER OF GOD.  The questions is; what do you worship& who is your God? Sex, icons, artists, girlfriend/boyfriend, drugs, facebook, your car, money,clothes  or is  the foball team Barcelona your God? Just like Jeff says in the clip; The dictonary defines the word God as whatever we make supreme. And at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself; is this woship woth anything, what do i really get out of it, is it everlasting love?


– when was the last time money and sex forgave you?

-when was the last time the world promised you satisfaction and actually came through?

– when did your boyfriend set you free from everything you were enslaved to?

– what died, so that you could be made new?

IM DONE TALKIN xoxo / vicki


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