Hello everyone!

iam a little bit touched now by the clip I posted earlier today. i think its so important to reflect about this issue. i realize now how much time I spend on my iphone, constantly(No, im not a FB-ADDICT). No wonder my battary is always low? However I’m going to worship Jesus as long as I live. all glory to him.

I’m trying to find something in my closet to wear for church this blssed Sunday. Not going that well, 50% of my closet am I going to give away. I need to update my closet, and so the weather does not make it easy for me, have a lot of clothes for the summer. sucks at the moment to be honest. Googled through some blogs, and magazines to get some inspiration. CÉLINE captivated my soul today. I want to dress like this stylish model for céline does. Ain’t that something? By the way, have you seen the whole collection? I’m floored 🙂


(picture borrowed from www.celine.com)

xoxo. vicki


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