hello everyone!

hope each of you are having a good weekend? im lying here in my bed trying to get as warm as possible. I say brr its cold in here, it must be some snow up in huurr… Also listening to my absolute favorite song at the moment “Hosanna”. My goodness i love that song. I even plan to give my daugther this name. So what are you guys up to?  Anyhow, my inspiration is not TOPNOTCH this day so im going to share some behind the scenes with you guys 🙂


LaGrâce Magazine’s very first photoshoot!


Needed to make sure that every little detail was perfect…


i loved this shoot. going to show you the final result some other day.


love how pulled this ice-white look! Izzy’s huge head?


The MUA& the model Cindy Lee. She made it very hard for us to choose which photo we should pick. they all were good!


Izzy, model & the talented MUA Jaqueline Chambel. Big thanks for your help!


loving the church hat.


been reading a lot of french these couple of days so im going to finish this post by saying. Merci, pour de lire le blog. AU REVIOR  mes amis! .)



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