Its nice to have you here again. This day is made for us to be glad in it 🙂
I came to think of I once mentioned here in the blog about the photographer that was a miracle sent to us from above. Goosebumps!

I can recall it like if it was yesterday. Izzy and I were working a hot summer day in town. It was apprioximatley one month left til the RELEASE PARTY of LaGrace Magazine’s first issue, we had so much to do til then. Photoshoots, meetings, purchase of clothing, following ups with  the art director, redo the planning( did not always turn out to be as we desired). Yeah you name it.  We were a little stressed up about the photoshoot that was scheduled inthe two next days. Why? Because we did not have a photographer. Why? Because there was no money. Everything we had left was for the art director and other large costs. So we could not touch these kind of money. Anyhow,so we strolled down the street and Im not going to lie, i had a stomach ache because i couldn’t stop thinking about the photoshoot. How were we going to fix this in two days? To hire a photographer costs more than 2000-3000 SEK. Izzy had to remind me; Stop that worry now vicki, we have already prayed, let Jesus fix this for us. And I told her; its true, what am I doing??? I said a prayer for myself without her not even notice& got back to work.

So we passed Elite Plaza hotel (in domkyrkan) a lot of papparazis and photographers were standing outside the hotel. They were all waiting for Bruce Springsteen. I kept looking at their cameras, that’s all i remember.
well, then we approched the harbour, and Izzy asked me to take a picture of her posing by the water, and I sure did. Then came a man running up to us and said ” move a little bit closer. And i repeated what he said to Izzy, he was like – “aha” you speak swedish? I said yes! The reason why he said ” move a little bit closer” was because he wanted to take a picture of Izzy standing close to the water.
Me of all people is very straight to the point when I want something, so I asked if he wanted to trade his camera to mine? (this was a camera value of nearly 100 000kr) Of course, I was ironic. but I wished deep down that I had received it. He laughed it off and asked inquisitively what we were up to? I told him that we were working with our fashion magazine which would be launched in a month. – WOW! What ambitious of you, I get happy when I see young people your age trying achieve a goal. We both thanked him and asked where he was going? he replied, he was a journalist/photographer and would take pictures of Bruce Springsteen . My mouth itched… I wanted to ask him what it costs to hire him fora photoshoot? (Even though i knew we had no money), I asked him anyway. All I knew was that God had a plan for us, so why not just ask? to my question, he answered: Me?, No, i couldn’t possibly. No no no, I have so much money that I can do this for free…. I looked at Izzy and Izzy looked at me. Our eyes have never been this big
But I said no, of course we’ll solve that you get paid. (We have decided that all people we work with will get paid, at least a nominal fee as a “thank you”). This man was determined&No was a NO. I actually realized then…guess what this is from God. 20 minutes before, Izzy& I spoke about having no money and it would impossible to fix 3000SEK in two days. I realized that I no longer had to nag( This was a Miracle sent from God). We thanked him thousand times over and gave him a big hug. The day after we called him to set a day/time for the photoshoot. The pictures turned out really nice actually 🙂
Wet hought that the photographer was only salvation for our photo shoot.  it turned out later that it was more than that. He knows a lot of people in this industry, and is the reason how we managed to book meetings with one of the largest media people in Scandinavia, which has also gave us the chance to broaden our idea to other large companies/people in the indusrty.
WHAT can I REALLY say about This?  Bless his name.

The picture i took of izzy when this photograph came running to us (summer 2012)


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