Today iam grateful. Isn’t funny how much we forget we actually have in our lives. I do really aprreciate days like this. Days i have time to think, recap and dig in there real deep.

Speaking of gratefullness… I could go on for ages.

Iam grateful for having food on my table, a bed to sleep on, clothes to wear, a radiator to keep me warm, parents that  love and care for me, an education, a work to go to, the ability to speak what i feel, having such a beautiful friend like Izzy in my daylife, to grow each day, for the things i observe good and bad, having knowledge about certain things, having confidence, to be a part of LaGrâce Magazine, improving myself in life, having Jesus in my life, to be succussful, every life experience, the friends i don’t have in life, the job i didnt get or all the times I did not pass the test, my mistakes, the doors that were shot and the doors that did open, my failures, my triumph, for breathing , laughing, crying, celebrating, to have feelings, to be able to run, to see, hear , to eat by myself , stand by myself, to read, to write, to relax, to plan, to be me…

these were the things that pop up in my head. Im sure i did forget a lot of things. Like always. How come its so easy to complain and so “hard” to be grateful? We should the grateful for everyday! WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL ABOUT?

xoxo vicki



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