Hello people

How many are pumped up this FRIDAY? My body is exhausted and just wanting to be served loads of food and add some massage on top of that. Yet another lazy day for me( tighten up vicki). However slept at Bree’s place last night.COZY! À lot of girltalk and nice Pizza. I am at my boi’s place now trying to make him being my butler today. Not working so good at the moment, he is totally into his silly FM! I just wanted to say HI and let you know WHAT Im up to… Last night, i rocked this look. We were lucky enough with the weather so I decided to wear my fake fur vest and one of My favorite hats! This year you will be seing more accessories on my head:)

Gotta go, looks like my man wants to hang with me after all. Haha

Xoxo vicki


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