Hola, como estas?!  Yupp, something like that…

I been working today, just got hired at the café, Espresso House that I combine with my education. The money issue was really getting to me for a long while, but by the grace of God iam working as a Barista today. Not really my dreamjob but after watching the documentary about the camerrons and seeing my parents strugggling all their life, how can I ever complain? They are actually my big inspiration. Life is a pleasure now!Also been in town today, met my derar friends for some shopping. For me, nothing was ever giving me a wow-moment. The supply in Gothenburg isto freaking boring. I have shaken hands with Sabrina that we shall visit France sometime in September and speak french. Yepp, i would love to be more skilled in languages. Any tips for me, how can I teach myself pretty quick, youtube?

These past days, i’ve been struggling with sleeping because o have had so much in my head. I have sat down with my friends and really dug into different dilemmas in life, betrayals, regrets and all kinds of life aspects. This makes my mind spin for a while. I’ve been thinking to much and it’s giving me a head ache. My biggest question for you tonight is, do you have any regrets? Why do you have them? isn’t life about going on, making mistakes and learn from them, why do people keep on dwelling on the past, how does it help someone to look forward? Is there not a message in every mess? I personaly think regreting things are waste of time. Life is about growing, everyday is a gift whereby you have the opportunity to do good in life, improve yourself, learn new stuff about yourself, get to know your strenght,weakness&flaws, limits etc. I would say that we need to stop being so remorseful and blaming ourselves for things things we done and see it instead from the bright side. There is always something positive that you can take with you next time? Everything will be what YOU decide to make of it. I know, how about a total new mindset…? Do not be afraid. You’ll work out.


sees 008

xoxo/ vicki


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