Both Izzy and I have written articles in the Magazine.. The first issue does focus on confidence, which i think a lot of people of today are having issues with. I therefore took the opportunity to write the article, The Champion In You. It is basically about, We are all created beautiful and perfect just as we are. No one can come and say; why do you have a flat nose or why are your so curvy? Different is beautiful. And we must all remember that we can do anything we desire because we truly are CHAMPIONS! Im going to let you guys read a bit of my article. ENJOY!

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(If you’re wondering why the context is strange, it’s because the columns are taken from different places in the text)

“A vital point that needs to be addressed and put as a reminder every single day is that we are all chosen by God. Know one sure thing; nothing that is being done by the work of God could ever fail. Need I remind you, you are special to God, so unique no one carries the same structure of your DNA. So, exclusive that your fingerprint can never be duplicate. So, extraordinary that you were created in His glorious image. See it this way, the famous phrase: a masterpiece can’t be duplicated, believe it or not, actually speaks to all of us. You were set a part for a reason. Being distinctly different should be embraced rather than trying to be someone you are not.”

“If only you could fathom and grasp the uniqueness of your creation. If only you could admire yourself I guarantee, without a shadow of doubt, you will without question be comfortable in your own skin. There is no need to be intimated by another individual. Your self-esteem will not allow you to feel worthless, neither will it enable you to be jealous of your BFF’s triumph, nor would you ever feel inferior by someone else’s talent. Keep in mind; you are the only one standing in the way of your progress. Let me reveal a secret. No one can beat you at being you, for you are the only one that has the right and exact equipment to accomplish who you are. This is the number one, single problem, hands down, young adults’ face nowadays. The truth is: it is easier being who you are, since you don’t have to fake it. You don’t have to be stressed out about who you are, because God created you in an outstanding way. God cut you in a certain way for a purpose, and I can tell you this; you fit there perfectly well. Why? I cannot tell you. All I know is that God has a perfect plan for each one of us, and it is a massive plan that we cannot even imagine. At the end of the day, you must remember as Bishop TD Jakes so perfectly puts it: “You were made to be an outcast with men, so that you can be an incast with God”.

“Frankly, I am not only disturbed, but also worried. Why do fully healthy, beautiful, normal, young, individuals spend time seeking unnecessary methods to fit among the so called ‘ideal’ beauty? Is seeking plastic surgery really the best way? Who said size zero is the perfect size? Ladies, it is clear, our focus has been diverted and our concentration is no longer on self-esteem (the way we see ourselves), but rather substituted our view for the views of others. Our self-image (how others view us) should be left on the top left hand corner of the shelf, where it belongs. Who cares what other people think? The best thing is knowing that you are created and loved by God. You don’t have to worry about what other people say about you. It has no significance to you what so ever. Sincerely, it’s all about finding and loving yourselves for who you are. Pretending to be someone is never a good idea, not being yourself is just as bad. Why not embrace the unique and blessed individual God created you to be?”

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“You might be a stripper, a fornicator, a doctor, a psychologist, whoever you might be you are God’s child that he created in his own image. Nevertheless, remember that who you are in the world is not who you are in the sight of God, because in his sight you are a winner, a conqueror and a champion. So, once you have the confident in yourself, knowing that you are fearfully and wonderfully created by the Great potter Himself. When you deeply trust in his plan that is the time when you will grow in the presence of God. I can then congratulate you for being a true champion. What is a champion? Am I one? And why did God choose me to be a champion?”

“He chose you because he wants you! Why? That’s an easy question because he truly loves you. He loved you before you even came to be, he has an agenda for your entire life. He knew you before your parents, matter of fact he already knew what you would look like and what gender would be affirmed on the monitor. He loved you so much that he totally secured you in your mother’s womb. He knew everything about you before anyone else.”


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