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It’s not only the MEDIA we should blame. We as human, also have a saying in this.  I personally agree 100% with Phill Allen on this one. We have the power to say NO sometimes.  LaGrâce Magazine gives you the opportunity to read the whole article that the Youth leader, Phil Allen Jr wrote in the first issue of  LaGrâce Magazine. I personally think this is a very interesting topic. enjoy these words of wisdom.

Please comment and share your own point of views.  / vicki

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Words of Wisdom

By: Phillip Allen, Jr.

In today’s culture we are bombarded by so many images that falsely define who we are.  The media sits on the throne in terms of influencing our self-image. Whether it is a video, movies, billboards, or celebrities themselves (even if unintentionally) the culture is demanding our attention and is successfully determining our identity.  But what do we expect from worldliness?  The fault is theirs (the media) for portraying and celebrating what is false and unattainable. The fault is also ours for buying into it. The fault is our parents’ for not mentoring many of us and instilling the truth about our identity.  The question is “what is the truth?” since today truth is widely accepted as relative.  Now that is an argument I will save for another day.

This is my point.  God made us in his image, not the images of the world that entice us to change, and reshape, and cut ourselves out of insecurities and self-loathing.  The fact is that each of us is uniquely made for a purpose.  There is nothing in this world today that can truthfully define us like God does in his word (the Bible).  Many people won’t figure it out until they have chased and pursued an identity that is unfulfilling when it is thought to be attained.  My advice and dare to those who are still chasing is to literally ask God to show them who they are from the inside out.

This world is wasting away slowly but surely, both physically and morally, and we cannot be subjected to its standards.  What we can do is challenge those false ideas of beauty, success, and replace artificial with authenticity.  Authenticity is being who God made you to be with purity, humility, and a confidence in Him.  In other words, everything about our identity revolves around our creator, through Jesus Christ I might add.  Anything I obtain on my own, in my own strength, I must sustain on my own.  As for me, I will take my chances with God.

I’ve seen too many people lose their sense of self while confused by the lies and facades of this world.  And I have seen many more, including well-known celebrities; finally gain a sense of true identity in Christ after seeking God for their very souls.  God made you for a purpose…the world will enslave you on purpose.


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