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“Well the thing is that, there are also some of my colleagues who think that you are very intresting entrepreneurs. That means that we are actually three people that wants to me you. But i don’t know how to make it work”


It has become a habit to check the email 24/7. Always butterflies when we recieve emails from different people/companies.

It’s such a blessing and previlige to have the chance to talk to big people in this industry. I also realize that i am getting better at my job, developing in my role as a Editor in Chief. Practice makes perfect. RIGHT?   Well… So  I “slipped” into this email we recieved last week and realizing that CEO of this company is calling me and Izzy for entrepreneurs. Wow!  i think this is the nicest compliment in a long time?!(especially from someone such a high-ranking position). Anyways the meeting is NOW booked(mars 11th)& God knows the rest&the BEST for us. All i know is that I won’t walk out of there empty handed. At least one experience richer.i’ll toast for that 🙂 NOW…  I DEEPLY WISH THAT IZZY, MY PARTNER COULD RUN THIS MEETING WITH ME. That is the sad part having her at the other side of the world.

xoxo / vicki


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